Providing services of smart electronic trade in the African countries is important :Abdel-Moneim Altras


Head of the Arab Organisation for Industrialization Abdel-Moneim Altras pointed out to the importance of carrying out the directives of President AbdelFattah El-Sisi in applying  digital economy and providing the services of smart electronic trade in the African countries according to the high international standards.

This came during his talks with Board of director of A-E Trade Group and representative of the African Union Mulualem Syoum  as well as many high ranking officials .

Altras said that there is coordination between the two  sides in order to provide the services of electronic trade in the African countries pointing out that there is a Free trade African zone .

He added that there is a study that aims at establishing an information centre in Egypt in order to achieve an additional value for the African market

Altras added that it is important to exchange expertise to carry out the digital transformation process .

Mulualem expressed his happiness for coordination with the Arab Organisation for  Industrialization due to its huge capabilities  that will enable the group to make many investments in Egypt .