AOI Policies

Partnership for Development

AOI embarks on forging high-impacting partnership, so as to realize development in priority sectors and products aligned with client’s policies (country, corporation, bi-, multi- and/or regional entity or agency). It aims at vertical, horizontal and/or networked expansions

Partnership and Localization of Industry

AOI works on constructing, establishing, capacity building of national and local industries world-wide

Industrialization and Social Responsibility

AOI is focused on sustained development solutions. One of its key focus areas in its comprehensive industrial solutions is social responsibility. Many of its programs, projects and products take note of societal and environmental impacts. Special attention is given to impacts on environment, women & children, people with disabilities, education, health and medical facilities

Industrialization and Partnerships with the Private Sector

The ethos of AOI partnerships is founded on win-win relations. Many partnerships for success materialize in advance business modalities for improvement, replication and upscaling

Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Industrialization

AOI works as a knowledge bank that brings about the conducive laboratory environment for scientific discourse, exploration, and innovation. It stands at the vanguard of supply driven innovative technologies through solid partnerships with the business community, universities, think tanks and specialized international and domestic excellence clusters in its research and development (R&D) activities

Investing in People for Industrialization

It is the understanding of AOI that human capacities are its most precious resource. Its continuous investments in AOI’s employees in all fields is a necessity to retain its leading competitive edge. AOI established a continuous learning Capacity Building Center, which offers all year round technical and administrative
programs of a varied assortment to its staff and external. The capacity programs curricula and subjects are varied and continuously updated to cover new theory and practice in the industrial technology and fields. The return on investments (ROI) from capacity building programming at AOI is a business as usual (BAU) approach

Industrialization and Quality Assurance for Promising Markets

AOI is a living industrial organism. Through the years, it continues to acquire quality assurance certification over all its products’ range to retain its reputational capital and market niche. AOI builds its internal control mechanisms, monitoring, evaluation, and transformation mechanisms. It subjects itself to ongoing selfassessments, external reviews and evaluations to ensure its excellence, alignment to corporate strategy, and continued value addition

Industrialization and Regional Partnerships

AOI works on developing strategic partnerships with multi-national corporations, organizations and agencies to behold its pioneer status as the major industrial national, Regional and continental platform. It pursues to reform, transformation, learning and exchange of good practice through such well-established partnerships

Industrialization and Digitization in a New World

AOI continues to be at the frontline of the new digital world. Artificial intelligence (AI), digitized decision-making, inventions and new technologies. AOI brings this vision to reality by placing R&D, scientific research with national, international and regional scientific hubs as one of its strategic priorities. AOI continues to be at the lead of many industrial products and plants in the Arab world, Africa and the Middle East

Industrialization and Integrated Projects’ Solutions

AOI realizes and continues to assess and recapitulates its industrial capacity. In this pursuit, AOI is a major institution, together with its diversified factories, to offer to its clients integrated, economies of scale solutions. Costs, benefits, development, environmental, societies, and industrial value chains impacts are well considered and studied

Industrialization and International Cooperation

AOI, as an ever growing and diverse institution, opens its doors to investments in learning, exchange of expertise, international good practice, continuous improvement in industrial processes and performance. AOI is a strong partner working on collaborative efforts in the fields of financial, technical cooperation and peer-to-peer exchange