Capacity Building

The Arab Institute for Advanced Technologies (AIAT)


*The Arab Institute for Advanced Technologies was established in 1977 by the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) to respond to training needs

*AIAT identifies industrial and development trends and translates them into capacity building programs


AIAT Vision

AIAT is AOI’s center of excellence. It deploys all types of capacity building services supplied and demanded for investing in AOI’s human capital and the industrial development community in Egypt, Arab region and worldwide


AIAT Mission

In order to fulfill AOI vision and mission, AIAT acts as a vibrant hub to deliver most-up-to date capacity investments in its staff and external parties. It uses modern capacity building, technology-based tools up to highest quality standards. It communicates with peer scientific, technology-based and governance institutions worldwide to supply and create demand for advanced continuous learning programs. Advanced tools and certified expert trainers with hands on knowledge are drawn from AOI cadres and externally. It evaluates its performance periodically and transparently to uphold highest standard, most up to date program delivery so as to ensure a vibrant, competent industrial community is abreast and outpacing technological innovations


Aside of its annual capacity building plan, AIAT offers tailor-made programs based on beneficiary trainees’ needs