COVID 19 Policies

AOI COVID—19 Response Policies and Fields of Operation

The Covid—19 pandemic spread all over the globe by the beginning of year 2020. AOI’s policy and operational response to the pandemic reflected its high-alert, readiness and responsibility to the domestic, regional and global community. AOI’s response to the pandemic which continues to saw many lives came in two fields: medical, and non-medical.


*Medical facilities to cover shortages and demand domestically, on the Arab, African and global levels
*Different types of medical masks
*Medical beds, chairs, and clinical fittings
*Multi-outlet ventilators
*Multi-purpose, clinically-approved mobile isolation units
*Hospital facilities, as needed
*Renal dialysis chairs
*Self-destructive syringes
*Child incubators
*Sanitization equipment, gates and materials
*Medical incremators and shredders especially for safe disposal of medical waste, masks etc.
*Ambulance cars


*Tablets for educational purposes (distance learning)
*Cellular technologies and phones
*Home and office furniture (full or partial solutions)
*Cellular signal-enhancing technological solutions
*Water-saving agricultural technologies (acquaponix)
*Environment-friendly desalination and waste-water management plants
*Solar panels and electric-power generation plants
*Agricultural products’ dehydrators
*Pre-fabricated and digital houses
*Environment-friendly electric vans and buses
*Different vehicles (sedans, off-road 4-wheel drive cars, buses, and armored cars)
*Household appliances and electronic equipment (wide screen digital TVs, mixers, fans, receivers, etc.)
*Robots and fiber optics
*Railway carriages, fittings and boogies
*Car tires of different sizes
*Bicycles, scooters and motor-cyclyes