Solar Water Heaters (with flat collector) - capacity (150-300-500) liters

Advantages of solar water heaters systems

-Using high technology in heating water so it provides water at all times up to 90° in Summer .
-Attractive shape , ease of installation.
-The inner tank is made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion and rust .
-Using perfect foam insulation between the inner and outer tank which keep the water hot inside the tank for a long time (thickness 5 cm) .
-Equiped with open-close , non-return & pressure relief valves and air vent.  
-The inclination angle is the suitable one for Egypt.
-Equiped with magnesuim rod for protecting the inner tank .
-The aimed organization for using solar water heaters are tourist villages , coast towns , ministry of housing,  hospitals , clubs , flats & villas ….    .