Petroclear Units

Petroclear units  are produced to provide the requirements for treating the oily liquid wastes generated by car services and oil stations  , this product fulfills the needs of the environmental management  as well as protection of sewage Waste Water networks ,central treatment plants ,watercourses and the surrounding soil from pollution risks arising from untreated liquids  .

Characteristics of PETROOCLEAR Units  :

Engine Factory has already designed and executed petroclear units related to compact treatment systems through :

  • Capacity 1-5 m3/hr. 
  • Minimum functional surface area
  • Compatibility with site limitations as it needs 3x2 m Max.
  • Ease of operation and maintenance via the available labor power


Main Components of pertoclear units

  • Collection sump
  • Removal of dust & suspended materials ( Hydro-cyclones)
  • Chemical preparation units
  • Oil separation and petroleum materials units  
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Automatic control system compatible with industrial safety specifications

PETROCLEAR Units achieve the following   :

  • Max. removal of oil , grease  and petroleum materials
  • Removal of dust and suspended materials
  • Capability of reusing  the back warding materials and treated water
  • Distinctive economics as of the limited of power and materials