Medical Waste Incinerator

Medical Waste Incinerator 100 kg \ hr Capacity

*The incinerator is designed for combusting hazardous waste of health facilities such as  hospitals  , clinics and medical laboratories with combustion average of 100 kg \ hr efficiently and cleanly and  the percentage of the remaining ashes from combustion is not more than 5 % of the fire load . *The resulting gases from combustion are treated using limestone and charcoal through a dry gas treatment unit . *The resulting emissions compatible with the laws and instructions of the Minstry of Health and population and Environmental Affairs Agency .

1- One waste combustion chamber with 850 °c

. 2- A waste gas post-combustion chamber with 1200 °c.

3- One switch box providing a complete combustion cycle.

4- Chimney height 8m.

The factory delivered (37)  incinerators to the Ministry of Health and Population  distributed over (13) governorates and (11)  incinerators to the Ministry of Higher Education