Gas Poly-Ethylene fittings

Gas Poly-Ethylene  fittings

 27 parts of natural gas connections are produced of  PE80 yellow and obtained a production license from the English company Radious according to EN1555-3

Manufacturing of electro fusion fittings for natural gas according to EN1555-3.

These fittings certified from Radius company



High quality.

Durability and strong operability.

Wide ranges suitable for gas networks

Light weight, flexible and leak proof.

Long service life and easy installed.


(32mm-63mm-90mm-125mm-180mm )

(63/32mm –90/63mm –125/63mm –125/90mm –180/125mm)


Equal Tee

 ( 32mm –63mm –90mm -125mm)

Tapping Tee
(63/32mm -90/32mm-125/32mm-180/32mm-90/63mm-125/63mm –180/63mm -250/32mm)

End Cap
(32mm-63mm-90mm-125mm-180 mm)