Charcoal Production kilns

The best solution for air pollution and the black cloud elimination caused by traditional Charcoal production method (Mkamora)

The Aircraft Factory in collaboration with Minar Engineering Company are manufacturing Kilns compatible with the global environment for the production of high quality charcoal


Specifications of Charcoal Production Kilns

- It is a double wall Metal Kilns, occupying small area of land.

- It works with diesel oil, Butane gas or Natural gas, according to client request

-The volume of inner container is 10m3 to be filled with wood or other agro-waste, having carbonization cycle, from 24 to 30 hours.

-The Kiln has control systems for temperature and carbonization period control according to wood quality and humidity content.

-Allows the separation of tar

- Can be easily moved to any place easily.


Advantages of Charcoal Production Kilns

-Environmentally friendly.

-Long life of operation.

-High Economical Return.

-Easy operation and maintenance.

-Manufactured at the highest level of scientific, technical and quality level.