Ambulance With Medical furnishings

Ambulance With Medical furnishings according to the specifications of the central  administration for ministry of health 

Specialists in :

* Outfitting of amulances mounted on all types of chassises with diffrent kinds of outfits .   ( Typical outfit Class A- Emergencie`s outfit Class B ).

* Using sterilizable medical equipment for the prevention of spread of infection .

* Designing solid and smooth vehicle`s floor covered with insulating materials prevent the preservation of liquids and the formation of germs and microbes.

* Equipping the vehicle with the state of the art and most accurate medical equipment of ( American /     Japanese / European union ) production. * Using high quality and highly efficient interior outfits warranted by Aircraft Factory.

* Adopting precision in the distribution of equipment inside the vehicle for accessibility as well as patient`s  and doctor`s convenience.

* Outfitting customized vehicles with additional equipment if required.


The ability of making medical furnishing of all kinds 

*All medical equipments in the ambulance can be sterilized to avoid transmission of diseases

* The Ambulance floor is heavy duty and under it a layer of insulation material to protect the floor    from any resaved liquid to avoid bacteria  and microbes.

* The ambulance is equipped with the modern and accurate medical equipments    made in ( USA – JAPAN – Western Europe ). 

 Outfitting over 560 mobile clinics for the Ministry of health including ( Intensive care unit /     Internal medicine and Cardiology / Women`s health / teeth / Blood transfusion ).

* Outfitting over 500 ambulances for various authorities public and private hospitals ,    petroleum companies , armed forces and ministry of Interior .