Air Brakes

They are fitted as stopping devices in passengerscoaches and goodswagons working on railways, under license from KNORR - BREMSE Co. (GERMANY), this worldwide system meets the international specifications UIC used all over the world, Brakes set consists of:

- Triple distributer valve, type KE:

The factory produces all types from this valve as:

Type KEOA 12, 14 inch for carriages weigh up to 50 tons for pneumatic and mechanical systems.

Type KEZA for carriages weigh up to 50 tons used pneumatic system for grains wagons.

Type KEIC for carriages weighs up to 50 tons Used in goods wagons.

Type KE2A / 3.8 ALP used in first class air  conditioned passengerscoaches, this type has been operated in order to transmit air to all components of other sets to help moving them as well connecting brakes to wheels.