* Poly-Ethylene Pipes:

  • The factory has 7 production lines for polyethylene pipes for potable water, sanitary drainage and natural gas pipes.


  • for water network Pipes diameters from 20 mm up to 1600 mm with operating pressure up to 20 bars 
  • for natural gas network.Pipes diameters from 32mm up to 315mm with operating pressure 5.5 bars & 7 bar 
  • These pipes manufactured according to international standards DIN8074&8075
  • polyethylene pipes for potable water, sanitary drainage certified from national organization of  potable water, sanitary drainage
  • natural gas pipes certified from British Gas
  • The material used for water & sanitary drainage pipes PE-100 (black).
  • The material used for natural gas pipes PE-80 (yellow) & PE-100 (orange). 
  • The factory manufacturing all fitting needed for water networks (elbows , equal Tee , stub flange , re ducers,….)for different diameters from the same material of pipes.


  • Specifications : -
  • High flexibility against moved soil and earthquakes.
  • Self resistance against aggressive soil.
  • Reliable for traffic loads.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Light weight.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.


Uses of HDPE pipes:

•potable water networks

•waste water networks

•natural gas networks distribution .

•passing siphons under water ducts channels

•fire network

Sea water desalinationand petroleum oil wells injection


Main Customers:
National Authority for Drinking Water and Sanitation

General contracting companies (Arab Contractors - Al-Abed - Hassan Allam -)

The Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces

Private contracting companies (Talaat Mostafa - Orascom - ..)

Petroleum companies (Petrojet - Japco - Petropel - ....)

Natural gas networks delivery companies (Taqa Group - Cairo Gas - Town Gas - Egypt Gas - Natagas)