4-5 Ton Tipper Trailer

Dimensions of the box:  4 x 2 x 0.5 m

Chassis: made of a 14 cm stream conveyor and        

                    supported by the required bars of the      

                    same size .

Sides    : Made of 3mm thickness of black sheet      

                   supported by reinforcement linings , the  

                   three sides are hinged and the front side     

                  is fixed and supplied  with concrete .

Spring : fitted with (4) spring 12 leaves width 10 cm   

                  thickness 1 cm per sheet

Axes    : made from a 80 mm square box and a  

                   cone on both sides.

The trailer is equipped with 1 hydraulic cylinder to turn the trailer in three directions

The brake is mechanical and operates on the front wheels and when the elbows fall automatically