Equipped vehicle Basket hydraulic ladder With a height of 14 meters

General   :

         A vehicle equipped with a hydraulic ladder for lifting people ends with an electrically isolated basket - operating height 14 meters - with a load of 200 kg inside the basket and there are other heights according to the request of the customer.


Technical characteristics


Technical characteristics of the vehicle

Crew: Driver + 2 personnel


Total vehicle weight (G.V.W): 8.5 tons

performance :

Maximum speed: 91 km / h


engine :

Power: 143 hp at 2700 rev / d

Car cabin:

1 - Over Cab type.

2 - Equipped with luxurious seats and brushes for up to 2 people other than the driver.


Technical specifications of hydraulic ladder:

• Hydraulic ladder, two connections, made of high strength steel.

Working height: 14 meters from the roof of the vehicle.

Electrical insulation: The basket is made of reinforced fiberglass and electrical insulator.

Turning: The axis of rotation of the ladder is 380 degrees.

Load capacity for basket .: 200 kg.