Vision, Mission and Values


The Arab Organization for Industrialization, the locomotive of the national industry, works to serve the goals of comprehensive development on industrial leadership and full commitment to product quality standards, reasonable price and speed of implementation.

The AOI aims to alleviate poverty by fulfilling basic needs and creating middle class stable lives for all Egyptian people.



AOI is committed to develop, invent, test and acquire latest industrial technologies and know-how in order to assure its leading competitive edge, market access and innovative manifold supply of integrated industrial plants and services. Top-notch expertise and investments are continuously aligned with its modern clients’- serving policies, programs and projects. Strategic partnerships, entrepreneurial, business and societal-related produce are quality-assured, developmental and environment-friendly. AOI beholds its status as backbone for the localization of industry and advanced science hub in all footings. Through this it is an open institution for business solutions, learning, research and development, good practice and win-win relations worldwide.



  • Mutual Respect and Appreciation

  • Professionalism and Integrity

  • Results Focus and Orientation

  • Self-Assessment and Strategic Alignment

  • Responsiveness and Resilience

  • Credibility, Responsibility, Dependability

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Empathy and Team Work

  • Originality and inventiveness

  • Passion, Motivation and Loyalty

  • Honesty, Fairness and Reliability

  • Commitment and Open-mindedness