The Prime Minister is following the incentives scheme for converting old cars to work with natural gas

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, held a meeting to follow up the incentives scheme for converting old cars to work with natural gas and the strategy of the electric vehicle industry, attended by ministers, electricity, renewable energy, oil and mineral wealth, finance, the public business sector, trade and industry, the state for military production, and the president of the Arab Organization for Industrialization
During the meeting, Dr. Nevin Jameh, Minister of Trade and Industry, presented what has been done so far with regard to the incentives system for converting old cars to work with natural gas, noting that a coordination meeting was held between the various ministries and the concerned authorities, and the roles and mechanisms of work were defined, including the technical conditions for cars Old.
Hisham Tawfiq, Minister of Public Business Sector, presented the requirements and procedures for manufacturing electric vehicles, which will contribute to reducing emissions from internal combustion engines as vehicles cause more than 30% of total emissions, as well as greater use of gas available locally at the expense of fossil fuels (gasoline / Solar) is the least available, directly in the event that gas is used as fuel or indirectly if it is used as a source of electricity, in addition to expanding the use of current untapped energy to produce electricity.
The Minister of Public Business Sector indicated that a memorandum of understanding was signed on June 18, 2020 between the Holding Company for Metallic Industries, which is owned by Al-Nasr Company, a company of the Ministry of Public Business Sector, with the Chinese company Dong Feng to manufacture electric cars (the car E70 Dong Feng) at Al-Nasr Cars Company, noting At the same time, the project is considered a start for the electric car industry in Egypt, and a portal for the introduction of this technology in North Africa, and this comes within the framework of the project to revive the Nasr Motor Company and the production of electric cars on the company's lines under the old brand "Victory".
The Minister of Public Business Sector highlighted the factors affecting the conversion to electric vehicles, whether in terms of the price of the vehicle or the availability of public charging stations at a low cost, noting the steps taken in this regard where coordination was made with the Minister of Electricity regarding the price of electricity supplied by production and distribution companies to stations Public freight to cover the actual cost, and an appropriate margin was agreed upon for private companies that will establish and operate public charging stations, after negotiating with the advanced company and reducing fees, for medium-speed public stations, and for high-speed public stations.
The Minister of Public Business Sector pointed out that contact has been made with the Taxi Drivers Association to find out the locations of taxi gatherings in the governorates of Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria, which are the provinces that are proposed to start, as they represent 48% of the number of taxis in Egypt.
The Minister of Local Development and the Governor of Cairo have also been contacted to discuss the possibility of specifying a limited number of places in the taxi gathering positions to give the right to use the company exploiting them for free, with the province collecting a reduced tariff directly from the taxi, as well as specifying a limited number of places in the state-owned public garages The right to use the company exploiting it is granted free of charge with garages collecting a lower tariff from car owners compared to the regular parking tariff, in addition to taxi stops and public garages, and a minimum of high-speed chargers is installed in city fuel stations and highways nationwide.
The Minister highlighted the procedures and steps required to complete the system in coordination with the various authorities concerned in the state, as well as proposals for the production of electric vehicles of all kinds (taxi, mass transportation, bus, angel, and motorbike) in the state's authorities.