The President inaugurates the exhibition of technology for converting and replacing vehicles to work with clean energy


President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi inaugurated this morning the first exhibition of vehicle conversion and replacement technology to work with clean energy

Ambassador Bassam Rady, spokesperson for the Presidency of the Republic, stated that the President was briefed on the plans and programs of the various ministries and government agencies within the framework of the National Initiative for the Replacement and Transfer of Cars to Work with Natural Gas, especially the funding programs and the multiple facilities available to citizens, and the definition of aspects of the initiative and its financial, economic and environmental returns, and what they have done. The state has an integrated infrastructure for the gas-powered auto service system, while inspecting its sovereignty for the government wing that included the ministries of commerce and industry, finance, military production, petroleum, local development, environment, interior, transportation, in addition to the Central Bank and the Arab Organization for Industrialization.

The President also inspected the wings of major international and local companies specialized in this field, where he was briefed on the latest models and models of vehicles that operate with gas or those modified, as well as integrated solutions for the process of supplying vehicles with gas and the latest developments in that industry.