The Minister of Planning meets with the Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization


Today, Lieutenant-General Abdel Moneim Al-Terras, Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, received Dr. "Hala Al-Saeed" Minister of Planning and Economic Development, to discuss ways to enhance cooperation in all fields of industry and study investment opportunities to achieve Egypt's vision for sustainable development 2030.


The meeting dealt with a presentation of the vision of Arab Industrialization regarding the implementation of the development plan in the country to deepen local industrialization and the transfer and localization of digital technology in accordance with the standards of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in many different fields of industry, including communications, digital transformation processes, artificial intelligence, electronics, surveillance cameras and environmentally friendly cars using natural gas, including Training and qualifying human cadres through the Academy of the Arab Organization for Industrialization according to the latest manufacturing systems, strengthening the mechanisms of digital management of machines, and increasing the added value in the local industry.

The executive position of the infrastructure of the new administrative capital was also discussed, as the Arab Organization for Industrialization participates in furnishing and furnishing the government district of the administrative capital according to the specified schedules, while adhering to the highest international quality and safety standards and according to the latest technological systems in this field, which makes the government move to the capital. The administrative system is a comprehensive development of the state’s administrative apparatus, including qualifying workers and training government cadres to use modern scientific methods in management, and evaluating them according to a scientific approach to select the best elements, as well as completing all aspects of the digital and information infrastructure of the government district of the new administrative capital, and monitoring the performance of And the readiness of its various components and testing before the actual transition, marking the beginning of a new era of relying on a modern, efficient and effective administrative apparatus, within the general framework of building the modern Egyptian state.


While inspecting the exhibition of the products of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, Dr. Hala Al-Saeed praised the role of Arab Industrialization as an industrial backer for the state to localize technology and deepen local manufacturing, explaining that the organization has manufacturing capabilities and ambitious plans to achieve a qualitative leap for the Egyptian industry in accordance with the latest international standards.

Al-Saeed also expressed her welcome to enhance cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrialization, in various industrial and economic development projects, and to provide all investment opportunities to enhance its role in implementing comprehensive development plans in the country and all national projects and presidential initiatives.

The Minister of Planning, Ali, stressed that the cooperation between the ministry and the Arab Organization for Industrialization aims to exploit the latest technologies in developing services provided to citizens, including expanding the processing of mobile technology centers that provide local services and real estate registration services.

During her inspection of the Academy of the Arab Organization for Industrialization for training in the fields of industry, management, information systems and communication technology, the Minister of Planning stressed the importance of training human cadres through the Academy of the Authority, which enjoys the latest modern digital training systems, smart automated management mechanisms, and training on programmed machines and the latest technologies.


For his part, the "Terrace" stressed the implementation of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi's directives to enhance constructive cooperation between state institutions as the best way to achieve comprehensive development, praising the efforts of the Minister of Planning in promoting development and investment plans in the state.

He added that it was agreed to form a joint committee to study all investment opportunities, stressing that the Arab Organization for Industrialization puts all its technological capabilities to implement all development projects in the country.

The Terrace also clarified the importance of quality, accuracy, appropriate price and commitment to delivery times, taking advantage of the available capabilities without burdening the state budget with any financial burdens, stressing the after-sales service, which represents a sustainable responsibility that the authority is keen on in all its projects.