The latest specialized systems to activate digital transformation services Between the Arab Organization for Industrialization and the Multi Level Technology Company


Lieutenant General "Abdel Moneim El-Terras", Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, confirmed the implementation of the directives of President "Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi" to activate the steps of digital transformation and automation, and to develop electronic services systems and mechanisms in accordance with international quality standards.


This came during the signing of the cooperation protocol between Arab Manufacturing and Multi-Level Technology, which is one of the largest companies specialized in the field of financial technology, digital transformation, services for payment solutions and the design and manufacture of various smart devices.


In this regard, "Al-Terras" explained that the areas of cooperation include drawing a strategic plan for digital transformation and the proposed products and studying the technical specifications for digital transformation projects and electronic services in a way that serves the directions of the state and the various sectors.

He added that it was agreed to design and manufacture devices and their components, and to cooperate with various authorities, as well as to develop and follow up implementation plans with a view to aiming at areas of joint cooperation.

The "Terrace" also explained that the areas of cooperation include training human cadres, transferring and settling specialized knowledge in this field, stressing that we are looking forward to reaping the fruits of this cooperation to build new capabilities and deepen experiences and a system of competencies in the field of digital transformation and advanced electronic services systems.


On her part, Mrs. Lubna Al-Sayegh, Managing Director of Multi-Level Technology, expressed her confidence in the success of this cooperation due to the advanced technological capabilities of the Arab Organization for Industrialization and continuous support for digital transformation projects.


 She added that the company will provide the best and latest specialized solutions to enhance Arab Industrialization's efforts for digital transformation and modern systems for services and e-commerce according to the directives and needs of governmental and non-governmental sectors, using the latest technological systems and equipment.