The Arab Organization for Industrialization receives the Ambassador of Belarus


Lieutenant General, "Abdel Moneim El-Terras," Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, stressed the importance of cooperation and benefiting from the distinguished experiences of the friendly Belarusian state in many areas of manufacturing, stressing the directives of President "Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi" to the authority to participate in the transfer and localization of technology in various manufacturing fields, in cooperation with experiences Globalism .

This came during a visit by Mr. Sergei Tirtentiev, Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to Cairo.

The meeting witnessed a discussion of mechanisms to enhance joint cooperation in various fields of industry, including training and exchange of visits to learn about the capabilities and needs and the possibility of transfer and localization of technology and joint manufacturing in the field of defense and civil industries, including railways and the modernization of train cars and the development of production lines at the railway mission plant "SEMAV" Of the authority, in addition to the industries of trucks, agricultural equipment, equipment, loaders, agricultural tractors, engines and electronics.

In this regard, "The Terrace" stressed the support of the political leadership to deepen cooperation and benefit from technology and exchange of experiences with the friendly Belarusian state, stressing the authority's interest in expanding horizons of international partnerships and cooperation with major international companies in implementing development projects in accordance with the latest systems of the fourth industrial revolution and increasing investment opportunities in Egypt .

He added that the Arab Organization for Industrialization is looking to enhance cooperation in the industrial field in order to take advantage of the advanced Belarusian technology and industrial capabilities available in the authority to maximize the proportions of the local component and increase the added value in the local industry, in addition to increasing competitive opportunities to market the joint production of Arabia for industrialization and the Belarusian companies in the Egyptian and Arab market And African countries, as well as the possibility of exporting these products to African countries by benefiting from trade agreements and free trade areas such as "COMESA" in order to meet the needs of African markets.

After inspecting the exhibition of products of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, "Sergei Tirtentiev" expressed his country's aspiration to open new horizons for investment and enhance cooperation and joint manufacturing, praising the industrial and technical capabilities of the organization and the richness and diversity of its defense and civil products, which encourages many Belarusian companies to enter into more partnerships with " Arab Industrialization "to deepen industrialization in areas of mutual interest.

He pointed out that the interest of the Belarusian side in cooperation with the Egyptian side comes within the framework of technology transfer and training to achieve a long-term strategic partnership, pointing out that the products that are manufactured in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrialization and Belarusian companies will be displayed during the exhibition to be held on the sidelines of the first meeting of the Joint Business Council during Belarusian President to visit Egypt next February.