The Arab Organization for Industrialization is discussing with Skoda International Company for cooperation and exchange of experiences in the field of replacing vehicles with natural gas


Lieutenant General Abdel Moneim El-Terras, head of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, confirmed the implementation of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi's directives to accelerate the executive steps to localize the new energy-powered car industry in Egypt, by expanding the horizons of partnerships and cooperation with major international companies specialized in this field.

This came during the cooperation talks between Arab Manufacturing and the regional president of Skoda International.

The talks dealt with presenting the vision of the Arab Organization for Industrialization regarding strengthening the national strategy for the localization of the vehicle industry that uses clean, unconventional energy sources, and the exchange of experiences with the International Skoda Company and the training of human cadres to deepen local manufacturing and localize the technology of converting vehicles to work with natural gas, with the presentation of various international experiences In this context, to benefit from it, as well as to review the axes on which the strategy is based, especially with regard to establishing the necessary infrastructure, especially the new energy supply stations.

For his part, "The Terrace" stressed the importance of expediting the implementation steps to depend on energy sources of natural gas and electricity as an alternative to traditional fuels, and to reach the largest possible percentage of manufacturing and local production of cars and mass transport vehicles operating with clean energy, in order to keep pace with the future prospects of that industry, and to benefit from Its different dimensions socially, environmentally and economically.

He added that the climate in Egypt attracts all global investments, pointing out that Skoda International has expressed its aspiration for cooperation and true partnership and pumping more investments in Egypt.

Al-Terras clarified that Arab Industrialization puts all its advanced industrial capabilities to establish a national industrial base to increase the added value in this industry that needs modern industrial machinery, in addition to increasing competitive opportunities in the future in the Egyptian, Arab and African markets.

For his part, the regional president of Skoda International affirmed that the Egyptian market is large and promising and constitutes a strategic importance for the Arab and African region, praising the advanced manufacturing capabilities of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, and its clear vision to develop manufacturing fields, deepen local manufacturing and localize vehicle replacement technology to work with clean energy.

He added that Skoda looks forward, through discussions today with Arab Industries, to exchange experiences and cooperation in the field of replacing vehicles with clean energy.