The Arab Organization for Industrialization cooperates with Orange Egypt in the areas of digital transformation, e-education, and e-services


Lieutenant-General, Abdel Moneim Al-Terras, President of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, Eng. Yasser Shaker, CEO and Managing Director of Orange Egypt, and a number of company leaders witnessed the signing of a protocol for joint cooperation in the areas of digital transformation, e-education and smart electronic services.


The signing of this protocol comes in light of the Egyptian state's directives to enhance constructive cooperation and exploit national manufacturing capabilities to implement Egypt's Vision for Sustainable Development 2030.


 Aspects of cooperation include the implementation of mechanization and digital transformation for all ministries, governorates, educational institutions, hospitals and others in all sectors, as well as transportation projects and smart roads, in addition to establishing and equipping data centers and various communication networks "Wi-Fi and Viber" and e-learning applications and programs (E-learning - LMS - Tablets). .


 In this regard, Lieutenant General Abdel Moneim Al-Terras praised Orange Egypt's expertise in the field of communications, information technology, digital transformation and high-quality electronic expertise, in addition to its uniqueness of qualified technical cadres with expertise, as well as its possession of the latest advanced technologies.

Al-Terras stated that the Arab Industrialization Company is studying the implementation of many projects in Egypt, African and Arab countries in the fields of digital transformation, information and communication technology and e-learning, stressing that this cooperation will provide many job opportunities for young engineers and technicians, training and acquiring modern skills and experiences in accordance with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


 For his part, the engineer "Yasser Shaker" praised the close and constructive cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrialization, an Egyptian, Arab and international organization, as it is the industrial backbone of the state for the settlement of technology and digital transformation, praising the role of Arab Industrialization and its expertise in implementing various industrial and economic development projects in accordance with the standards of the revolution. Fourth Industrial.

Shaker said that Orange Egypt is proud of being the operator and the first partner of the Arab Organization for Industrialization in this regard, as this joint work will contribute to the localization of the latest modern technologies in digital transformation applications, e-education, communication and information systems in accordance with international quality standards for Orange's expertise. And local and international cadres that qualify them to provide, manage and operate all services with high quality and efficiency.