The Chairman of the AOI witnesses a ceremony honoring the Students of workers in the AOI Outstanding high school diploma graduate


Major General. Engineer Mokhtar Abdel Latif, Chairman  of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, witnessed a ceremony honoring the Students  of male and female workers in the AOI who  excelled  in the high school diploma for the academic year (2022-2023)    , at the headquarters of the AOI..


Within the framework of the celebration activities, the Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization expressed his happiness in honoring the outstanding students with the high school diploma, stressing that the AOI  sponsors the creative and innovative, pointing out that human wealth is the greatest treasure in all nations, and therefore outstanding students must be given attention and care.


He added that Egypt's progress will only be achieved through diligence and diligence with all strength and solidity and with superior and enlightened national minds in all fields, noting that Egypt is distinguished by the advantage that most of its age groups are young, stressing the importance of discovering the gifted and talented and nurturing them educationally, physically, culturally, and socially, so that they can To develop their talents and reach the highest levels of excellence and creativity.


Major General Engineer Mokhtar Abdel Latif indicated that we look forward to scholars, thinkers, and writers emerging from among you to join the ranks of adults who perform truly great services to their societies, pointing out that young people are now assuming the positions of deputy ministers and governors in a step that confirms the state’s interest in Egyptian youth.

Promising people and preparing them to assume responsibility in the next stage.


The Chairman of Arab Industrialization was keen to advise outstanding students on the threshold of their university studies on the necessity of refining their experiences and knowledge with modern technological expertise and future sciences, which are compatible with the requirements of the AOI’s labor markets, locally, regionally and internationally, pointing to the AOI’s interest in developing, modernizing and refining its human capabilities skills, in accordance with Standards of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, telling them, “You are the asset of the future, the minds of Egypt, the country’s wealth and its future, and you must continue to maintain your superiority.”


In a related context, Major General Engineer Mokhtar Abdel Latif expressed his pride in heading the Arab Organization for Industrialization, this ancient industrial edifice, as the AOI is one of the results of Arab solidarity in the victories of the glorious October War, whose golden jubilee we are celebrating this year, noting.

The Arab Industrialization Company, the industrial backbone of the state, is strongly participating in strengthening the state’s plan to increase the proportion of local manufacturing and localize technology, reduce imports and competition with national products that will increase the added value of the industry, and implement Egypt’s vision for sustainable development 2030.


Within the framework of a celebratory atmosphere in which feelings of joy, appreciation and pride were mixed with the outstanding children of the AOI’s employees, Major General. Engineer Mokhtar Abdel Latif, Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, honored them and gave them certificates of appreciation and symbolic gifts.


After the end of the honoring ceremony, the Chairman  of the Arab Organization for Industrialization was keen to take souvenir photos with the students, listen to their opinions, and answer their questions within the framework of his keenness to communicate and communicate with the new generations, stressing that the AOI  takes care of the creative and innovative, as this is Egypt’s hope for the future and what is expected from the elite of its outstanding students.


The Chairman of the AOI  was also keen to take memorial photos with the parents of the outstanding male and female employees of the AOI  and listen to them in a friendly, brotherly and paternal dialogue, thanking them for the effort they make in raising their outstanding children, in addition to their practical excellence in performing their job duties with all dedication and sincerity.



For their part, the parents of the outstanding students expressed their happiness with this warm hospitality and sincere feelings from the presidency of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, in appreciation of their role in the journey of life, wishing continued success and success for the leadership and employees of the Organization.


In this context, Major General. Engineer Mokhtar Abdel Latif decided to expand the circle of honor for the Students  of male and female employees of the AOI who excelled in the various educational levels, to include those who graduated from preparatory school and university 

 certificates, starting next year.

 By God willing. 

In this regard, the Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization indicated in a message to outstanding students, male and female, explaining that Egypt is full of positive models, bright spots, sincere efforts, and comprehensive development projects, warning against attempts to corrupt the youth, the war of rumors, and questioning the state’s various efforts for reform in all fields, stressing the importance of Fortifying young people with enlightened thought and awareness to confront these attempts.


He explained that there is talk in the media about the difficult economic conditions during this period. Pointing out that this stage is temporary, as we are in the stage of building a state and we must face all the challenges imposed on us.

Also, The whole world is experiencing these difficult economic conditions


  He added that the stages of nation building always require sacrifices to achieve our hopes and aspirations

without rushing to reap the fruits.

The future is bright, thanks to God Almighty, and then thanks to the sacrifices of the people of Egypt.