The AOI signs a new contract for cooperation with Zeed Omani International Company

The successful steps of the Arab Organization for Industrialization are still continuing to enhance aspects of partnership with our brothers in the Arab countries in all different fields of industry, in accordance with a clear vision pursued by the AOI  to attract investments and increase export rates, as they are among the pillars of the national economy and the engine of the sustainable development of the state, in
accordance with Egypt’s Vision 2030

.In this context, today the Arab Organization for Industrialization signed a new contract for cooperation with the Omani international company, Zeed , in the field of defense industries.

In this regard, Major General  Engineer Mokhtar Abdel Latif expressed his appreciation and pride in this cooperation with Zeed International Company, which is one of the largest companies and industrial institutions in the sisterly Sultanate of Oman, and has various activities in various fields of industry and international investments in many countries of the world. Pointing out that the Arab Organization for Industrialization has an ambitious plan that it is currently implementing successfully to enter into real partnerships with major international companies with the flexibility provided by its international regulations.

The Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization added that areas of cooperation with Zeed International Company include the joint partnership between the Sakr Factory for Advanced Industries, affiliated with the AOI , and Zeed International Company, to pump investments into establishing new production lines in many different industries, as well as opening new markets for export to brotherly and friendly Arab and African countries. .

In a related context, the Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization confirmed that the contract signed today is the first and not the last step for joint cooperation in other industrial fields with Zeed Omani International Company.

For his part, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Sibani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zeed International Company, expressed his appreciation for this cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrialization, and its pioneering historical role, which we are proud of, in Arab industry in all fields of defense and civil industries, praising the Arab Industrialization strategy based on localizing the latest technologies. Industrialization and increasing the rates of local manufacturing, expressing his aspiration to strengthen the partnership with Arab Industrialization in many different fields of industry.