Honoring the President of the Arab Organization for Industrialization for his national role in community service

"Rabih Al-Bardisi", a member of the Board of Trustees of Sheikh Zayed City, honored Lieutenant General Abdel Moneim Al-Terras, President of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, for his support for positive community participation and appreciation for his role in serving the nation and his great contributions to the achievements of Arab Industrialization during the recent period.

The "Terrace" thanked the honor presented by the Board of Trustees in Sheikh Zayed City, noting the importance of its permanent support for serving civil society, and the authority will continue to support community services and help in developing societies.

Al-Terras expressed its admiration for Rabih Al-Bardisi, "Your idea is your wealth" initiative, as the initiative "Your idea is your wealth" aims to help owners of new ideas, provide solutions for existing projects, provide feasibility studies for free, and facilitate obtaining the necessary financing in cooperation with some banks. Rabih Al-Bardisi praised the national role of the Lieutenant General "terrace, which greatly helped in raising community services during the recent period and raising the level of the authority in general, especially while facing the emerging Corona virus crisis that has swept the country.

Al-Bardisi stressed that Arab Industrialization has played a great role towards the state in helping to solve the problem of the emerging Corona virus by manufacturing many products and raising their efficiency and competitive value in the local and Arab markets.