Enhancing the marketing opportunities for Arab products for industrialization in African countries


Lieutenant General Abdel Moneim El-Terras, Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, stressed the importance of implementing the directives of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi to enhance cooperation and integration with the countries of the African continent, and to activate the operational steps for the transformation of the digital economy and mechanization and the provision of smart e-commerce services in brotherly African countries in accordance with international quality standards.

This came during the signing of the cooperation protocol between Arab Industrialization and the Egyptian African Businessmen Association.

In this regard, "Al-Terras" stated that with this cooperation we aim to exchange experiences and enhance marketing opportunities for the products of the Arab Organization for Industrialization within the African markets, in addition to developing training plans within the training centers in Arabic for industrialization for human cadres for our brothers in the brown continent in all areas of industry, mechanization and digital transformation.

The "Terrace" praised the Egyptian African Businessmen Association as one of the important entities to enhance Egyptian-African economic cooperation, as it includes a large number of experts from the business and economic community and public figures from Egypt and all brotherly African countries, explaining the agreement to enhance intra-trade opportunities between the countries of the continent. By making use of the productive capacities of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, especially in light of the existence of an African free trade zone and the formation of an Egyptian alliance from the Arab Industrialization Organization and some national and international companies.

The "Terrace" mentioned the importance of benefiting from the experiences of the Egyptian African Businessmen Association to enhance the marketing and distribution of "Arab Manufacturing" products, through the use of the latest international methods and technologies in the field of marketing and e-commerce platforms in order to improve its competitiveness and its advantage in the market over other products at reasonable prices and high quality. No less than foreign counterparts.

He added that electronic commerce accelerates the steps of sustainable development for Africa, stressing that this cooperation will provide many job opportunities for Egyptian and African youth, training and acquiring modern skills and experiences in accordance with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In a related context, "Al-Terras" revealed that they are currently in the negotiation stage to enter the establishment of a factory specialized in producing machines for small and medium industries to provide them to young owners of small enterprises, pointing out that the contract for the establishment of the factory is expected to be signed during the month of November, and that the Small and Medium Enterprises Authority will obtain The machine is provided to young people on the installment system.

He added that they are currently in the framework of developing and completing the idea and that they have a tendency to implement this for young people in Upper Egypt regions, and that they are currently in the process of establishing a model for a small factory in which two machines are placed to display the project to young people, especially since this is the nutritious and complementary industries that must be worked on.

He announced the cooperation of the Arab Organization for Industrialization with the New Valley Governorate to establish a factory for palm waste in the New Valley Governorate, stressing that there are many promising investment opportunities that exist in Egypt and must be exploited.

The "Terrace" also revealed that the Arab Company for Industrialization, in agreement with the Minister of the Public Business Sector, discussed the companies ’demands for spare parts and discussed the possibility of manufacturing them, indicating that they had already taken steps in this direction with the Abu Qir Fertilizer Company and visited a number of sugar, fertilizer and tobacco companies.

For his part, Dr. "Yousry El-Sharkawy", Chairman of the Board of Directors of the African Egyptian Businessmen Association, praised the expertise of the Arab Organization for Industrialization and the excellence of its products with high quality and offering competitive prices over their counterparts in the local and international market and was able to impose its own brand on the global markets, pointing to the importance of cooperation with This industrial fortress to enhance trade exchange between the countries of the African continent to serve the processes of expanding African goods and services markets and enabling digital transformation throughout Africa.

He added that the association has extensive scientific studies on the needs of the African market, stressing that the Egyptian African Businessmen Association will provide the best and latest solutions specialized in marketing and electronic sales campaigns using smart digitization, embedded systems, platforms and digital sites to promote industrial capabilities and Arab products for manufacturing according to the latest global technologies.