Enhancing the fields of Egyptian-Emirati-African cooperation Between the Arab Organization for Industrialization and the Egyptian African Businessmen Association


Lieutenant General "Abdel Moneim El-Terras", Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, received Dr. "Yusra Al-Sharqawi", President of the Egyptian African Businessmen Association, and Mr. "Nasser Al-Kaabi", General Manager of the UAE IGG International (Abu Dhabi).


During the meeting, they discussed strengthening joint cooperation mechanisms in accordance with the cooperation protocol signed between Arab Industrialization and the Egyptian African Businessmen Association.


In this regard, the "Terrace" praised the strength and durability of the Egyptian-Emirati relations in all sectors and aspects, expressing its deep gratitude for the interest of the Emirati side in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrialization, and achieving strategic partnership in all areas of cooperation, especially trade exchange with African markets.

Al-Terras explained that this is the right time and the best time for the public to come together in the various defense and civil industrial fields to serve the Arab countries and the African continent, indicating that the Arab Company for Industrialization since its establishment and the advanced experiences it has acquired make it able to meet all the needs and requirements of the Arab Gulf states, specifically the UAE Which has made an important and distinguished way in industrial production.


For his part, Dr. "Yousry El-Sharkawy" affirmed his keenness to support joint work with the Arab Organization for Industrialization, believing in what the organization actually and realistically providing in terms of performance, projects and products in various fields, as well as the complete development in the training sector, praising Arab Company for Industrialization to work strongly in all The fields of feeding industries related to electrical and household appliances to serve Egyptian businessmen, in order to achieve many aspects of benefit.

For his part, Mr. "Nasser Al-Kaabi" stressed the importance of the visit as a rich opportunity to present ourselves to the Arab Organization for Industrialization and to know well and accurately about the various successes of the organization, pointing out that through our establishment of the company in the Arab Republic of Egypt, we are looking forward to the use of effective strategic partners as a first step, with the Arab leadership being the first to manufacture that industrial edifice. Giant, to achieve the launch of the Arab and African markets.