Discussions of the Arab Organization for Industrialization with the US Minister of Trade Affairs

Lieutenant-General Abdel Moneim Al-Terras, Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, stressed the implementation of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to expand horizons of partnerships and localize technology in cooperation with major international companies in accordance with the latest standards of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

This came during the cooperation talks that were held today between the Arab Organization for Industrialization and Mr. Rick Ortiz, Minister Plenipotentiary for Commercial Affairs at the US Embassy in Cairo.

The discussions dealt with the manufacturing capabilities of the Arab Organization for Industrialization and discussing the deepening of local manufacturing and technology localization in cooperation with major American companies and joint manufacturing to meet the needs of all development and industrial projects witnessed by Egypt, in all fields of manufacturing, including the defense and civil industries, digitization of production lines, communications, information technology, electronics, electric cars and water technologies. Renewable energy, infrastructure, environmentally friendly transportation, devices, medical supplies, digital transformation, software and all areas of manufacturing.

For his part, the "Terrace" stressed the importance of deepening local manufacturing, settling technology and reducing imports in the various fields of manufacturing, praising the quality and strength of Egyptian-American relations in all fields and the depth of cooperation and partnership relations between Arab Industrialization and major American companies.

He added that the Arab Organization for Industrialization aims to open up prospects for cooperation and localization of technology by benefiting from the experiences of international American companies to increase the added value in the local industry, in addition to increasing competitive opportunities in the Egyptian, African and Arab markets.
For their part, Mr. "Rick Ortiz" stressed that major international American companies are looking forward to cooperation and partnership with the Arab Organization for Industrialization, transfer of expertise, localization of technology, and training of human cadres according to the latest training systems, noting that Arab Industrialization represents the strong industrial back of the Egyptian state, where it has human cadres Trained, advanced industrial capabilities and a clear vision for the development of manufacturing fields, in addition to its accuracy and efficiency in implementing the projects assigned to it and delivering them on time.

He added that the Egyptian market is large and promising and is of strategic importance to the Arab and African region, pointing out that the near future will witness further strengthening of American cooperation and investments in all development and industrial projects that Egypt is witnessing.