Cooperation between the AOI and major medical companies To deepen the local manufacturing of pharmaceutical raw materials in Egypt

Successful and continuous steps to localize technology for medical devices, supplies and pharmaceutical raw materials in Egypt, in accordance with a clear vision pursued by the Arab Organization for Industrialization, to increase the proportion of the local component in medical industries and work to reduce imports and provide a distinguished Egyptian product in accordance with international quality standards.

  Among these successful steps is the signing of a joint manufacturing contract to localize the manufacture of raw materials for the pharmaceutical and food industries between the Arab African Company for Medical Industries, affiliated with the Arab Organization for Industrialization, and in cooperation with the private sector, represented by iPharma Medical Devices Company (L.L.C).


In this context, Major General  Engineer Mokhtar Abdel Latif, Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, expressed his pride in cooperating and exchanging experiences with iPharma Medical Devices Company, explaining the importance of achieving self-sufficiency in production requirements and inputs in the pharmaceutical industry, which is considered national security.

He pointed out that the areas of cooperation include, as a first stage, joint manufacturing and packaging of sorbitol and glycerol, which constitute the majority of the local components of many pharmaceutical drinks and foodstuffs.

He stated that the idea of the project that is being launched today is based on the use of locally produced sorbitol and glycerol raw materials extracted from the corn crop through cooperation with national corn producing companies and processing them in special equipment and using the appropriate technology for this matter in purifying and sterilizing the raw materials so that they are ready for medicinal use. Pointing out that we aim with the project to fill part of the local gap in demand for the aforementioned raw materials to meet the needs of the local market, with advanced products bearing the slogan “Made in Egypt.”

He added that the project is self-financing through cooperation and partnership

With iPharma Medical Devices Company

(The first Egyptian companies operating in this field).



For his part, Dr. Atef Saeed Suleiman, Chairman of the Supreme Advisory Board and CEO of iPharma Medical Devices Company, expressed his appreciation for this cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrialization, which has a historical and pioneering role in all fields of industry since its establishment, indicating that we aim with this agreement to conclude more Joint partnerships in all areas of manufacturing medical devices, supplies, and medical and laboratory preparations in Egypt, by taking advantage of the advanced capabilities of the Arab African Medical Industries Company, affiliated with the AOI..