Continuous efforts between the Arab Organization for Industrialization and the British University of Hertfordshire

Lieutenant-General Abdel Moneim Al-Terras, Chairman  of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, stressed the implementation of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi's directives to achieve integration between universities, scientific research centers and national industrial institutions, in order to achieve the state's plan to deepen local industrialization and settling modern technology in accordance with the mechanisms of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, noting that Arab Industrialization puts all its capabilities, technological expertise and training centers to prepare a new generation of trained human cadres in accordance with Egypt's 2030 vision and the principles of the new republic that we are currently witnessing.


This came during the signing of a cooperation protocol between the Arab Organization for Industrialization and the University of Hertfordshire in Britain.


In this regard, the "Terrace" praised the integrated system of engineering education and scientific research at the British University of Hertfordshire, and its serious vision in various engineering and scientific fields and many applied research projects, which can provide innovative industrial solutions for various industrial sectors, pointing to the interest of Arab Industrialization to enhance joint cooperation. With the British University to activate the culture of development through distinguished and serious scientific research and support the link between industrial and academic entities to achieve sustainable development for the country.


On the aspects of the protocol, the "Terrace" explained that it was agreed to joint coordination in the research fields and to make use of the material capabilities and infrastructure available to both parties, including machines, equipment and human cadres in production work for various industrial fields and in completing the practical part of student projects.


He added that the areas of cooperation also include training and support for research projects and industrial innovations that are applicable to serve the various manufacturing sectors, and the organization of training courses in common areas and summer training programs in various engineering disciplines in the production and research units of the authority, as well as training human cadres in Arabic for manufacturing in specialized courses at the British University of Hertfordshire. .


Al-Terras stressed the importance of modern scientific disciplines at the prestigious University of Hertfordshire in the fields of artificial intelligence, smart manufacturing, new and renewable energy, desalination and water treatment, noting that these disciplines represent future sciences for all industries, according to the standards of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


For his part, Dr. Vincent Emery, President of the British University of Hertfordshire, praised the industrial and technical capabilities of the Arab Organization for Industrialization and the richness and diversity of its defense and civil products, praising the administrative capital and the size of the national achievements and projects that Egypt is witnessing under the chairmanship of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the continuous support of scientific institutions to stimulate scientific research. Serious to serve the fields of Egyptian industry.


In turn, Dr. Alaa Abdel Hamid Atta, Academic President of the University of Hertfordshire, expressed his confidence in the success of this cooperation, due to the continuous support provided by the Arab Organization for Industrialization to various scientific institutions in the fields of training and scientific research to transform research outputs into applied models that can be used in various industrial fields. and qualify them for the labor market.