A turnout of official delegations and major international institutions and companies to inspect the pavilion of the AOI at EDEX 2023.

During the activities of the second day of EDEX 2023, the pavilion of the Arab Organization for Industrialization witnessed a turnout from official delegations and major international institutions and companies, including visits and discussions by the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Somalia.

Representative of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Mali

Mrs. Minister of Military Production of the Czech Republic

Commander of the Yemeni Air Force

Chief of Defense Staff of the Republic of Djibouti, Chief of the Artillery Corps, and Commander of the Coast Guard Forces of the Republic of Djibouti

And the delegation of the Sudanese defense industries system

And the Defense Attaché of the Republic of France in Cairo

Vice President of the Defense Industries Agency of the Republic of Türkiye

A delegation from the Turkish company Havel San

Mr. Director General of Military Research and Industries in the Sultanate of Oman

And a delegation from the Ministry of Endowments

And discussions with Hensoldt Company in the Republic of South Africa,

A delegation from the Chinese Ministry of Defense

They expressed their admiration for the authority's various new products in all defense industries. Including air ammunition (Hafez), a multi-tasking mobile automated command and control center, an armored riot control vehicle, a system for confronting drones and electronic obstruction, a new Egyptian radiological detection and measurement device, and the production of some aircraft parts in cooperation with the French company Dassault