A partnership between the Arab Organization for Industrialization and major international companies

The Arab Organization for Industrialization continues its efforts to develop and modernize manufacturing systems to meet all the needs of the local market and export to African and Arab countries, with advanced products that suit the latest technologies and smart applications, including the success of the AOI’s “SEMAF” railway equipment factory in joint manufacturing with the American company Nxtium and the Danish Titan Containers. To manufacture refrigerator containers loaded on train platforms or transport vehicles designated for cooling and freezing up to (-40) degrees Celsius, a capacity of (40) feet, and a freezing capacity of 25 tons/container, using the latest scientific methods.



In this regard, Major General. Engineer Mokhtar Abdel Latif Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization

expressed his pride in cooperating with the Danish company Titan Containers, which is the first in the world in this field and carries out frozen transportation work in more than (30) countries in the world, pointing out that the memorandum of understanding regarding joint manufacturing between... Both sides were carried out in accordance with the availability of the highest levels of international quality in the Arab Organization for Industrialization, as well as the impressive level of manufacturing and the technical competence of the trained human cadres.


He explained that the preparation of the initial sample of joint manufacturing between SEMAF and (Titan) was completed with complete success as a first step for joint manufacturing, with the possibility of increasing the percentage of joint manufacturing to include recommending and then manufacturing the freezing unit and manufacturing its solar energy cells, then starting to manufacture the external and internal bodies, floors, and even Reaching 100% local manufacturing, God willing.


The company's cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrialization is considered the launch of its new project throughout the world regarding frozen transportation by trains and giant vehicles.