The opening of the Arab Organization for Industrialization Academy

Today, the Arab Organization for Industrialization inaugurated the Training Academy, that scientific edifice that was developed and updated with advanced training plans and a clear scientific vision in implementation of the directives of President "Abdel Fattah El-Sisi" to achieve training for the future in the fields of automatic management of manufacturing processes and digitization in accordance with the standards of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The opening ceremony was witnessed by Dr. "Tariq Shawky", Minister of Education and Technical Education, Dr. Nevin Jama, Minister of Trade and Industry, and Lieutenant General Abdel Moneim El-Terras, Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, and Mr. Christian Thunes, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Company.

DMG MORI, Germany, and a number of senior officials of the international company.

It was a dream for all those in charge and those interested in the various sectors of industry, to transfer global experience in the fourth industrial revolution and train human cadres in accordance with the vision of Egypt 2030, and this was achieved in partnership between Arab Manufacturing and the German industry giant DMG MORI, as well as a number of major companies working in the field of information The Academy of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, located on the Cairo-Suez Road, Kilo 17, is a training scientific edifice that has been equipped with the latest technologies and training programs specialized in manufacturing activities, automatic control, communications and information security in cooperation with major international companies operating in these fields, and by specialized trainers certified with international certificates as well. Electronic software developers.

It is noteworthy that training at the Arab Academy for Industrialization takes place in modern laboratories that have been equipped with digitized devices and machines, software and the necessary training aids such as computers, simulation systems, etc. Applications, in order to achieve a safe digital transformation aimed at a better return on investment, raising production efficiency and quality, controlling costs, deepening the local component, linking work cycles with suppliers, distributors and customers networks, in addition to carrying out predictive maintenance and using quantitative analysis and artificial intelligence mechanisms to evaluate performance and develop future plans for the factory to achieve standards Smart management.

For his part, Lieutenant General "The Terrace" emphasized the importance of implementing the directives of President "Abdel Fattah El-Sisi" to transfer and localize technology in the areas of digital transformation and intelligent automated management of manufacturing processes, developing training systems and developing human cadres in the field of information and communication technology, in cooperation with international experts specialized in these fields. .

The "Terrace" praised the cooperation with the German global DMG MORI company, through which we aim to train human cadres in the various fields of industrialization according to the mechanisms of the Fourth Industrial Revolution not only in Egypt but the entire African continent, stressing the role of Arab Industrialization in the process of promoting and localizing digital technology and manufacturing techniques. For the future, to provide the best production and industrial practices, both national and African.

The "Terrace" confirmed that the Arab Academy for Industrialization adopts the vision of sustainable development Egypt 2030, to achieve the training of human cadres for the future, referring to the development and equipping of the Academy with machines and high-quality digital control manufacturing equipment of various types and multi-system control devices for rehabilitation and raising the efficiency of workers, as well as equipping a laboratory Equipped with a training classroom with simulation devices for machine control systems for training on programming mechanisms of control systems for programmed manufacturing machines, as well as specialized programs for design and manufacturing training.

He added that there is a field of industrial control for training on achieving integration between operating digital control machines and discovering faults and resolving them in the shortest possible time. The Academy has been provided with a specialized laboratory for training on control systems for programmed digital control machines.

The Chairman of Arab Industrialization also referred to the field of communications, as the academy was provided with training laboratories information and communication technology, artificial intelligence, electronic computing and computer network management, with the aim of building youth capabilities and providing high-quality talents in the field of information and communication technology.

He added that there is a field of information security, where the academy provides technical support through 3D scanning and the use of reverse engineering and linking it to implementation through digital control machines to enhance the role of the Research and Development Department, as well as training on the digital security system for administrative systems, as well as the digital operations of digitized machines and production lines.