Strong and effective participation of the Arab Organization for Industrialization in Cairo Water Week 2021

The current session of Cairo Water Week 2021, which kicked off today, witnessed a strong participation and an effective presence of Arab Industrialization, as it participates in a distinguished and diversified pavilion for various fields of water treatment, including displaying the latest technologies used in the fields of water treatment, sanitation, drinking water purification, as well as smart irrigation systems.

Also, Arab Manufacturing products of sewage pumps (Cleopatra), with their different models, which are characterized by the highest local component ratios of up to 80%, which is a distinct local product in accordance with international quality standards, and an alternative to importing pumps from abroad.

It also displays the authority's products in the field of desalinating salty wells water, including small stations for desalinating drinking water extracted from wells to serve remote areas, in addition to saving water used in homes, places of worship, hotels, government departments and business establishments.

This is in addition to smart meters for street lighting and polyethylene pipes of different diameters used in all infrastructure projects for new cities and the Administrative Capital, water purification and desalination projects, sewage networks, and connecting water networks to disadvantaged villages in the governorates, as well as natural gas pipes and their requirements.


On the first day of the opening of the Cairo Water Week, the pavilion of the Arab Organization for Industrialization witnessed an official turnout, as a number of senior officials visited it.

Including the visit of the Minister of Irrigation, accompanied by a number of Arab and African Ministers of Irrigation and Agriculture, where they expressed their admiration for the various products of the authority and its manufacturing capabilities to develop technology with scientific methods to achieve the highest rates of local manufacturing and the transfer and settlement of modern technology in the fields of water treatment, for various uses.