The Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization receives a high-ranking Libyan delegation

Major General, Engineer "Mokhtar Abdel Latif", Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, received a high-level Libyan delegation headed by Dr. "Siddiq Khalifa Haftar", to discuss enhancing investment opportunities and joint cooperation, and benefiting from the capabilities of Arab Industrialization, the industrial backyard of the Egyptian state, to localize modern technology and train human cadres. According to the latest digital training systems.


Within the framework of the joint discussions that took place at the headquarters of the  electronics factory, it was agreed to benefit from all the expertise of the Arab Organization for Industrialization in the plans for the reconstruction and development of Libya and to achieve joint integration for the exchange of industrial experiences, as well as to participate in the work of raising the efficiency and restarting the suspended Libyan factories.


They also discussed the formation of a joint committee to enhance cooperation mechanisms and take advantage of the advanced capabilities in the Arab world for industrialization in the fields of communications, electronics, digital transformation, pioneering technological solutions, protection and security of information, the development of technological infrastructure and support for industrially applicable innovations, as well as identifying the proposed aspects of cooperation between the two sides in various fields of manufacturing and transportation. The modern Egyptian experience to deepen local industrialization and localize technology to our brothers in Libya.


In this context, Mokhtar Abdel Latif stressed the importance of implementing the mandates of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to enhance cooperation and integration with brotherly Libya and all the Arab brothers, explaining that these discussions come within the framework of the constants of Egyptian policy with full support towards the sisterly country of Libya to overcome all the challenges it faces. Face it, and maintain the security and stability of the Libyan people.