Cooperation between Arab Industrialization and the Egyptian Space Agency to localize space technology, communications and satellites

Lieutenant-General Abdel Moneim Al-Terras, Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, stressed the implementation of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi's directives to enhance constructive cooperation between the various state institutions and exploit national manufacturing and research capabilities, to implement Egypt's Vision for Sustainable Development 2030.


This came during the signing of a cooperation protocol between Arab Industrialization and the Egyptian Space Agency.


In this regard, the "Terrace" praised the scientific and research expertise of the Egyptian Space Agency, which was established with Egyptian hands and minds and with the latest advanced technologies, stressing that there is an advanced qualitative leap in the Egyptian industry to localize space technology, communications and satellites.


The "Terrace" explained that the areas of joint cooperation include the transfer and settlement of space science and technology and its development and owning the self-capabilities of building satellites to serve the state's strategy in the areas of development, noting that the Arab Industrialization puts all its advanced manufacturing capabilities to implement the activities of the Egyptian space program in accordance with the latest standards of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Al-Terrace explained that the areas of cooperation also include benefiting from the technical and technological capabilities available on both sides, with regard to the space industry, including machines, equipment, laboratories and human cadres in the work of various research projects, stressing that this cooperation will provide many job opportunities for young engineers and technicians, training and acquisition. Modern skills and experiences according to the fourth industrial revolution


For his part, Dr. Mohamed El-Kosy, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency, praised the close and constructive cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrialization, the state’s industrial backer for the settlement of technology, manufacturing and development, praising the role of the Arab Industrialization and its expertise in implementing various industrial and economic development projects, and supporting research projects in accordance with the standards of the revolution. Fourth Industrial.

Al-Qossy said that the Egyptian Space Agency is proud of the partnership with Arab Industrialization in this regard, as this joint cooperation will contribute to the localization of the latest modern technologies in the fields of space, communications and satellites, explaining that there is an integrated vision and action plan to manufacture an Egyptian satellite completely without the assistance of foreign countries. It is being worked on and implemented through the capabilities of the Egyptian industry.


The Egyptian Space Agency delegation also went to visit the Academy of the Arab Organization for Industrialization for Training, where they inspected the modern laboratories that were equipped with digitized devices and machines, software and the necessary training aids such as computers, simulation systems and others, and they are linked to an internal network, in addition to a live model of an integrated smart factory, which provides the trainee with All the necessary means for training and enabling him to actually practice these applications, in order to achieve a safe digital transformation targeting a better return on investment, raising production efficiency and quality, controlling costs and deepening the local component.