Protocol for cooperation between the Arab Organization for Industrialization and the Ministry of Education

Today, Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, and Lieutenant General Abdel Moneim Al-Terras, Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, witnessed the signing of a cooperation protocol to meet the Ministry’s needs with the latest types of interactive screens, in addition to all different areas of development.

In this regard, Dr. "Tariq Shawky" the importance of strengthening cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrialization in all areas of modernization and development of the educational process and digital transformation systems in all educational facilities, expressing his confidence in the success of this cooperation, due to the advanced manufacturing capabilities that AE has that enables it to provide products of high quality and accuracy with Taking into account the commitment to delivery dates according to international quality levels.

Shawky also stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrialization to meet the Ministry's needs for interactive screens, teacher evaluation device, and smart classroom equipment, praising the advanced technological capabilities of the Arab products for manufacturing from Prometheian interactive screens, which are the best and meet all the requirements of developing and modernizing the educational process. According to Egypt Vision 2030.

He added that it was agreed with the President of the Arab Organization for Industrialization to start immediately supplying all the needs of the educational facilities, including interactive screens, smart classrooms, and advanced digital systems, in addition to meeting the Ministry's needs of the various Arab Organization for Industrialization products in all different areas of development.

For his part, the team, "The Terrace", confirmed the implementation of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi's directives to localize digital transformation technology as an important strategic industry, by producing interactive screens in the Arab Organization for Industrialization with the latest production lines in the electronics factory through cooperation with the English Promethean company. One of the global Net Dragon companies, which ranks first in the world in interactive screen technology, and the Egyptian company, Si-Vision Technologies

Which has developed a new generation of devices embedded in interactive screens to increase the capabilities and technical specifications, and also integrate the Zoom program into the screen with the license from the global company Zoom (Zoom), thus transforming the interactive screen into what is called smart separation

(Smart-Class-In-a-Box), as well as facilitating the process of building infrastructure networks in schools in record time.

The "Terrace" stated that it was agreed to meet all the needs of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education from interactive screens to keep pace with the ongoing development to ensure the quality of education, in addition to exporting to the Middle East and Africa, stressing that Arab Industrialization puts all its technological capabilities and expertise to enhance and develop the educational process with the latest technologies and applications. Smart and advanced digital systems in accordance with Egypt Vision 2030.

He added that the areas of cooperation include smart classroom equipment, teacher evaluation devices, computers, laboratories, electronic display screens and LED screens, pointing to the promotion of digital transformation systems and automation through the electronic platform, the e-learning system, and the financial and administrative system.

The "Terrace" explained that there are other areas of cooperation, including solar power stations, energy-saving lighting systems, smart water-saving systems, surveillance camera systems, sports devices, equipping stadiums and sports facilities, stairs, devices, medical supplies, environmental equipment, ambulances and firefighting vehicles, pointing to the areas that serve the development plans and strategies of the ministry And various types of scientific and engineering laboratories and classroom equipment.

In a related context, "Al-Terras" emphasized that the areas of cooperation take place through the exploitation of all manufacturing capabilities distinguished in the Arabic industrialization without bearing any financial burdens on the state budget, referring to the after-sales service, which represents a sustainable responsibility that the authority is keen on with all its projects.