The AOI develops the products of the SEMAF factory With a modern, advanced vision It meets all the needs of transportation, railway and metro projects

Continuing successes, with advanced scientific visions, through which the Arab Organization for Industrialization continues its efforts to modernize and technologically develop all manufacturing systems and methods in all its production units and train and develop its human cadres, most notably the AOI’s “SEMAF” railway equipment factory, in order to achieve the goals of the new republic.

The Arab Organization for Industrialization has succeeded in implementing many steps to modernize and develop the SEMAF factory to become a strong industrial edifice, in accordance with the latest smart manufacturing systems in these specialized industries, including signing an agreement with Near East Services (NES).


In this regard, Major General. Engineer Mokhtar Abdel Latif, President Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, expressed his pride in the serious cooperation with Near East Services (NES), and its distinguished expertise in providing consultations to obtain quality certificates in accordance with international standards.


He explained that it was agreed to enhance bilateral cooperation, exchange experiences, and obtain training, qualification, and technical support in preparation for the railway equipment factory “SEMAF” obtaining the (IRIS) certificate High Level - the international standard for the railway industry in accordance with the international standard (ISO22163:2023), in the design activities and stages. Manufacturing of all products implemented in the “SIMAF” factory according to the specifications of the IRIS organization.


He added that the Arab Organization for Industrialization is strongly looking forward to strengthening cooperation with NES, and for the SEMAF factory to obtain this international certificate, in implementation of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to localize technology, attract investments, meet all the needs of various transportation projects, and increase export rates to brotherly and friendly African and Arab countries. With advanced products bearing the slogan “Made in Egypt,” stressing that the issue of export industries represents a priority for the Arab Organization for Industrialization within the areas of joint cooperation, in order to increase the Egyptian export index as one of the tributaries of raising the state’s financial returns.


For his part, Engineer Othman Mohamed Othman, a pioneer in the field of quality in Egypt and founder of the Near East Services Company (NES), expressed his appreciation for this cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrialization, which has a historical and pioneering role in all fields of industry since its founding, indicating that we aim with this agreement to conclude More joint partnerships to provide support, technical consultations, training, and exchange of experiences in all different fields of industry in all of the AOI’s units, stressing that the acquisition of the “SEMAF” railway equipment factory of the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) international certification is a great competitive and preferential advantage, to enter forcefully to increase Export rates to African and Arab countries of the factory’s products in all areas of railways, subways and smart means of transportation


In turn, Ms. Amina Othman, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Near East Services Company (NES), praised the commitment of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, the industrial backbone of the state, to all international quality standards through its distinguished expertise in implementing various industrial and economic projects and various development initiatives.