Joint cooperation agreement to localize nanotechnology in partnership between The A.O.I and the Global EAWAZIL KSA

Joint cooperation agreement to localize nanotechnology in partnership between The A.O.I and the Global EAWAZIL  KSA


Major General, Engineer Mokhtar Abdel Latif, Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, stressed the implementation of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to strengthen partnerships and cooperation with brotherly Arab countries, and to open new areas for investment and localization of technology through the production of joint Arab products, according to the latest international quality standards. .

This came, during the signing of the joint venture agreement between the SaKr Factory for Advanced Industries of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, and the Global EAWAZIL  KSA.

Nm - Nanoman))


In this context, Mokhtar Abdel Latif expressed his appreciation and pride in this cooperation with the Global EAWAZIL  KSA, which is one of the largest industrial institutions in the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and has various activities in various fields of industry and international investments in many countries of the world, indicating that the authority Arab Industrialization has an ambitious plan that it is currently implementing successfully to enter into real partnerships with major international companies with flexibility provided by its international regulations.


The Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization explained that the areas of cooperation with the the Global EAWAZIL  KSA include industrial integration and partnership to localize nanotechnology through the production, marketing, sale and distribution of various “Nanoman” products with local components, and work to enhance joint marketing of these products inside Egypt and brotherly and friendly Arab and African countries. Stressing that this project reduces the import bill, increases the added value of the national industry, and increases local manufacturing rates. It also provides multiple job opportunities for young people and trains them according to the latest modern training systems.


He pointed out that the project aims to produce isolation and sterilization products using nanotechnology, which isolate liquids, pollutants, microbes and fungi from the surfaces of glass, metal, stones, wood, fabrics, textiles, electrical and electronic devices and equipment, and reduce their need for cleaning or sterilization and increase their value.

He added that the clients targeted by this project in its first phase are many diverse entities, including:

Construction and industry markets, medical centers, homes, cars, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, public health, hotels, tourist facilities, restaurants, cafes, monuments, terrace sites, homes, compounds, sports clubs, swimming pools, solar panels, exterior facades of buildings, facilities, public facilities, factories, cars and mass transportation.


For his part, Dr. Mohamad Suleiman Mohamad Ayed Al-Muaiqly, General Manager of the the Global EAWAZIL  KSA, expressed his appreciation for this cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrialization, which has a pioneering historical role that we are proud of in the Arab industry in all fields of industry since its establishment, praising the strategy of the Arab For industrialization based on localizing the latest manufacturing technologies and increasing local manufacturing rates, and expressing his aspiration to strengthen the partnership with Arab Industrialization in many different fields of industry, and to localize nanotechnology to serve all sectors of industry with advanced industrial products in accordance with the latest international quality standards.

He added that, with this agreement, we aim to establish new long-term joint partnerships in many different fields of industry and implement many important projects in Egypt and the Arab and African countries through the Arab Organization for Industrialization, the industrial backbone of the sister Egyptian state, stressing the organization’s commitment to all international quality standards and has distinguished experiences in Implementation of various industrial and economic development projects.