Protocol for Cooperation with IKEN Company for Digital Technology,


lieutenant-general, "Abdel Moneim El-Terras," President of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, stressed the importance of implementing the directives of President "Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi" to deepen local industrialization, transfer and localization of digital transformation technology, safe exchange of information and provision of smart electronic services in accordance with international quality standards.

This came during the signing of a cooperation protocol between the Arab Organization for Industrialization and IKEN Company for Digital Technology, which is one of the leading Egyptian companies in the fields of digital security standards, embedded systems, use of sensors, operating and control systems, and critical infrastructure.

The signing of the protocol comes within the framework of Arab Industrialization’s keenness to support the implementation of the digital transformation strategy and to employ the techniques of the fourth industrial revolution to achieve high added value.

In this regard, Al-Terras clarified that it was agreed to cooperate and exchange technical expertise, transfer and localization of specialized knowledge to the work teams of the Arab Organization for Industrialization and help in building the required expertise for advanced technology in the areas of digital transformation, archiving, electronic documentation, integrated information security solutions, digital security, data center security and security Operating systems, IoT, embedded systems, artificial intelligence, information security measurement and evaluation services, evidence labs, and management workflow improvement.

He added that the fields of cooperation aim to raise the efficiency of industrial projects, the quality of production and expected maintenance, and achieve advanced and intelligent technology management and control for infrastructure projects, especially energy and water distribution networks, as well as advanced technology management and control in agricultural, irrigation, animal and fish production projects, as well as research and development of new products that contain advanced technology In cooperation with research bodies and competencies to serve the needs of the various Egyptian sectors and all ministries, authorities, educational establishments and universities.

The "Terrace" also pointed to another aspect of the protocol that includes cooperation in industrial modernization projects using the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its applications using the latest international methods and technologies.

He added that three joint committees have been activated, the first to assess the readiness of the Arab Organization for Industrialization’s companies and factories to develop using the techniques of the fourth industrial revolution and to develop development plans and the second to develop a vision for national projects adopting these technologies and the third implementation mechanisms to define and design products with high technological value that are produced in Arabic for manufacturing to serve the state’s needs of Digital industries according to national security standards, pointing to strengthening marketing efforts for joint projects locally and regionally.

For his part, Mr. "Hussam Reza Hamid Al-Jamal," the managing director of "Aiqen" company for digital technology, praised the experience of the Arab Organization for Industrialization and industrial and human capabilities and its ability to develop technology by scientific methods to achieve the highest rates of local manufacturing in accordance with international quality systems, pointing out the importance of strengthening cooperation and partnership with these Industrial castle to provide the best smart technology solutions for national development projects and to enhance all efforts for smart digitization, digital security and embedded systems and to provide joint projects to achieve the strategy of digital transformation, especially in operational applications and the Internet of things Control of critical infrastructure and the development of value products technology is high and competitive to serve the state needs of the local market and regional markets and to achieve efficient production of higher and provide the rumbling of energy and water and to achieve a high return for investment in the technology of the Egyptian and African market.

He added that he agreed to exchange technical expertise and train human cadres in projects of modernizing the industry and the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution and artificial intelligence, given the Arab industrialization possesses a huge industrial and technological base that enables it to play a vital and influential role in the design and manufacture of products and components that are imported from abroad, which is something that It reflects positively on supporting programs to deepen local industrialization using the latest modern applications.