AOI laid an integrated plan for design and manufacture of wind and solar energy equipment and in 2009 AOI has unveiled its business strategy focusing on providing our market with world class locally manufactured assemblies together with state of the art services.


The Arab Renewable Energy Company (ARECO) was established in 2013, and its production line started operations in 2015


Modernization of production line machines so as to produce modules with 5BB (instead of 3BB). Plans are underway to modernize the cell tester machine, while studying further expansions towards the production of (half cut).


  • Expanding production from US$2.8 million in year 2013/2014 to US$13 million in year 2019/2020

  1. Earned top market share in solar poles

  2. Expanding usage and applications to irrigation systems

  3. Certification acquired

  4. Forging alliances in major projects

  • Leapfrogging sales from US$2.8 million in year 2013/2014 to US$14.7 million in year 2019/2020





  • Prequalification in more than 150 solar plant installed

  • AOI products and its subsidiary Factories are quality assured

  • Quick and swift delivery to local markets

  • Exports to African countries, as Egypt is gateway to Africa


Human resources

  • ARECO employs (50) highly-qualified, and well-trained technical staff as follows:

  1. (8) design engineers

  2. (6) installation engineers

  3. (4) projects engineers

  4. (15) installation technicians

  5. (2) production engineers

  6. (12) production line technicians

  7. (3) quality assurance engineers