• Established in 1977 as joint venture with American Motors (Now Fiat Chrysler Automobiles).

  • The second vehicles productionCompany established in Egypt.

  • Original capital is 6 M USD. With subsequent investment over 107 M USD.

  • Company facility area is 135,000 m2.

  • Assembly plant area 26,500 m2 .

  • Current Manpower 584 Employees .

  • AAV produced 25 Models for 17 different companies since 1978.

  • AOI consists of 13 different factories.

  • Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI ) was established in 1975 with capital budget USD 1.04 BL

  • AOI is managed by a supreme committee headed by the President of Egypt.

  • AOI Products varies from Military Products to Civilian Products.

  • AAV  is capable to build up to eight body styles of vehicles in separate body sub assembly areas.

  • Current Capacity is 5500-6000 vehicles Per year / Single shift , Can be increased to 12000 per year / per single shift by adding some investments in paint lines.


  • The Arab American Vehicles Company (AAV) is a joint venture company with the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) (51%) and Fiat Chrysler Automobile International (FCA) (49%).

  • The Company was established in 1977 for producing advanced vehicles

  • The total area of ​​the Company is 135,000 m2 while the area of ​​the assembly space is 26000 m2.

  • Paid up capital is worth US$6 million. Subsequent investments amounted to US$107 million.



  • After-sales service center to serve the AAV products: Jeep Wrangler, Grand Cherokee and Cherokee cars.

  • Paint lines were upgraded to use Robots, so as to quality assure the paint modules and delivery


  • The introduction of ED (Electro-Static) car body painting system

  • CMM measurement lab

  • Test tracking

  • ISO certificates acquired:

-ISO 2015/9001 certification from EUROCERT.

-ISO 2015/14001 certificate, from EUROCERT.

-ISO 2018/45001 certificate, from EUROCERT.

  • Automating all processes related to the departmental and sectorial operations using global SAP systems.


  • WCM implementation

  • Applying Toyota production system (TPS), known as “Toyota House”

  • Applying the total quality system management on production lines

  • Implementing CPA so as to assure meeting customers' needs and satisfaction

  • Applying the continuous improvement systems, such as:

    • Applying a Benchmarking (BM) exercise to ensure all produce is compliant with Fiat Chrysler’s international standards

    • Comparing results of CPA customer requirements inspection with Fiat Chrysler corporate system (DPV).

  • CMM and Calibration Laboratory.

Human resources

  • The Factory employs 45 engineers specialized in management of production processes, quality assurance, domestic manufacturing, material control and line feeding

  • The Factory employs 294 technicians specialized in various welding activities, car body work, paints, assembly, quality control, field, laboratory tests materials Control and lines feed.

  • In addition, 159 laborers work in the Factory. They specialize in various welding operations body work, paints and vehicles assembly on production lines feeds.