Railway & Subway Interiors

       Kader factory has been working on the development of railway vehicles since 2003

 using high quality fire retardant materials to meet the railway specifications UIC 564-2 and AFNOR

First: In the field of exporting the internal equipment of railway and metro coaches

          126 coaches (Metro Paris) was equipped in 2003-2005

          The central roof sets are equipped with different models

           (Metro Madrid) 16 train ,144 coaches in 2005

Second: In the field of supplying air-conditioned coaches :

The internal components of 386 air-conditioned

coaches were supplied (First - second - buffet)

Third: In the field of supplying the internal components of   

            normal coaches And short distance coaches :

310 normal coaches - 90 suburbs coaches   Supplied

Fourth: upgraded of 116 carl Fuchs coaches      

              (First - second - buffet)

Fifth: Contract for the supply of internal components of (212)

           air- conditioned coaches With Semaf Company

            and  the National Authority of Egypt Railways

Sixth: Contract for the supply of internal components to develop (450) distinctive coaches

            Between kader factory and the National Railways Authority of Egypt