Seif-Eldeen and South Korean's Hyundai Rotem Enhance the Cooperation


Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) Lieutenant General Abdel-Aziz Seif-Eldeen praised the South Korean in the field of metro manufacturing and its persistent and continuing cooperation with the AOI to develop this vital utility for all the Egyptians. 

This came on the margin of the visit of CEO and President of Hyundai Rotem Company Mr. Seung-Tak Kim and his delegation, in the framework of the visit of the South Korean's Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to Egypt and his meeting with the President of Egypt.

Seif-Eldeen pointed out that the discussions with Hyundai Rotem have dealt with new areas of collaboration regarding Rotem's proposal to the Ministry of Transport with accessible funding for the air-conditioned metro carriages in the third and fourth stages.

It is noteworthy that the cooperation between the AOI and Hyundai Rotem Company is extended with a contract of supplying 20 air-conditioned trains to the first line in the metro with an estimated percentage of local manufacturing within SEMAF factory and kader Factory for Developed Industries as well as the participation of many units of the AOI and various local companies.

Mr. Seung-Tak Kim CEO and President at Hyundai Rotem praised the cooperation with Ministry of Transport and the AOI in many fields. He also asserted the company's consistent cooperation for increasing the percentage of the Egyptian local manufacturing.