Sanitary Drainage Treatment Units

  • Engine Factory designed and executed sanitary drainage treatment units with capacity (10 m3/day) to (150.000 m3/day), the Factory also producing steel compact units with capacity (500 m3 /day)

  Systems used in designing Units

  • Extending aeration Waste Water treatment system cap. (7000m3/day)
  • Active Sludge Waste water treatment system cap. (3200m3/day ) 
  • RBC Waste Water treatment system
  • SBR Waste Water treatment system
  • BIOWORKS Ventilation Waste Water treatment system
  • Steel Compact Waste Water treatment Units

The factory designed and As well as , the factory is currently executed plants with concrete containers at high capacity from (1500 m3/day) to (150, 000) m3/day) according to the international standards in cooperation with specialized & consulting companies in civil and treatment fields .