Fiber glass seats:

 Fiber glass Products:

1) Fiberglass reinforced polyester chairs

S.M.C is produced by hot pressing of ores

- This type of chairs - which we exclusively produce - is characterized by high specifications that exceed those of chairs made of plastic or other plastics due to the quality and durability of the raw materials used,

- production methods (pressing by pressure and temperature) that leads to the extreme coherence of its parts and obtaining a homogeneous product characterized by:

- high resistance to fire propagation as it extinguishes itself within ten seconds according to American specifications (UL 94 - V0) It does not lead to the escalation of toxic fumes or gases

- resists direct sunlight - UV rays and absorb moisture) and therefore it is used in all areas covered and exposed
- Self and multi according to the International Color System (RAL)
-  smooth surfaces, superior quality and colors
-  strong anchorage points with metal nuts to enable repeat jaw and mounting without affecting its quality or durability
- excellent mechanical specifications that are tested according to international standards (tensile strength - compression - bending - shocks).
- highly resistant to the impact of different chemicals
Metal chassis with S.M.C chairs installed:


  • high back shell (45*50*41 cm)
  • mid back shell (45*43*30 cm)
  • Backless shell (38*35*5 cm)
  • Direct fixation on concrete (45*44*33 cm)

     2) Fiber glass Tanks:

          Manufactured from polyester reinforced by Fiber glass, different 

          Shapes, different sizes and volumes (up to 50m³).

    3) Cooling tower blades:

         - Different lengths and powers.

         - used in cooling towers in power stations and sugar companies

     4) Wind Turbine Blades:

         - Power generation from wind

     5) light poles :

          -Different length ( from 60 cm up to 8 m) .

          - Multicolored smooth surface shapes.

          - Can be equipped with solar cell.

        - Advantages:

            * Fire resistance.

             * Safe in road accidents than metal one.

             * Weather proof.

             * Electric arc resistance.

   5) vehicle cabin :

       - different design and sizes according to client requirements.

       - used for difference vehicles (Dodge, Jeep, Chevrolet ….).

   6) Lab Benches for schools& university:

        - Chemical resistant.

        - Fire and direct sun rays Resistant.

        - Water& humidity resistant.

  7) Railway & Subway Interior Fixtures:

      - Interior preparation (seats&tables).

      - Interior lining

      - Lavatories .

  8) Electrical Boxes :

       - for indoor and outdoor applications.

       - Fire resistant.

       - Water resistant.

       - Arc resistant.

       - Weather proof and corrosion resistant.

  9) Flower Decorated Pots :

         - Multi colors.

         - Rust and weather proof.

   10) Garbage Bins:

         - Fire resistant.

         - Electrical insulation.

         - Design with bottom door for easy disposal (no need to remove or 


  • Can be fixed in light pole or mobile wheels .