Follow-up on the installation of the latest and largest metal working and forming machines in the SEMAF factory, which operate on a digital control system

The SEMAF factory, affiliated to Al-Arabiya Manufacturing, is preparing to install the first machine in the Middle East and the eighth in the world, to operate and form metals, which operates with a fully digital control system to manufacture railway and subway cars with the latest international technology on the land of Egypt, in cooperation with “DMG Morey” » Global German.


Intensive preparations in the factory included equipping the base on which the machine will be installed with special armament specifications, bearing a weight of 300 tons. 55 piles were hammered with a depth of 18 m to 22 m, with a base circumference of 14 m * 14 m, as well as 2 armed shoulders with a height of one and a half meters.



This step is one of the important steps in which the Arab Organization for Industrialization proves that it is the state's industrial backer for the localization of the latest industrial technologies in accordance with the standards of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


It is scheduled that the engineers of the "Simav" plant will undergo training by the experts of the German company "DMG More" on how to operate and operate the machine.


According to the reports of the German international company; The machine, which bears the name “DMU 600 GANTRY”, works on the manufacture of large-sized parts with the highest levels of accuracy and speed in production, and the machine is considered a “technological breakthrough”.