KADER factory for developed industries was established in 1949 under the name of "HELIOPOLIS AIRCRAFT FACTORY" to produce the primary training Aircraft Gomhouria. In 1975, The factory became a member of the (AOI) under the name of "KADER factory for Developed Industries" when (AOI) was established.

  • Kader Factory was established in 1949 under the name of “Heliopolis Aircraft Factory.”

  • Its objective was to produce primary trainer aircrafts.

  • The Factory’s total land area is 136000 m2, with 32 productive, service workshops, 24 administrative and storehouse buildings.

  • Manufacturing golf cars

  • Manufacturing face masks

  • Manufacture of Soap cleaners

  • Assembling electric scooters

  • Assembling bicycles

  • Producing money transfer cars

  •  In 1995, civil products were added and firefighting cars were produced at world class quality standards.

  • Agricultural equipment were started in 1995.

  • Interior preparation for railway cars were introduced in 2003.

  • Environmental equipment got into operational activities of Kader Factory in 2005.

  • Greenhouses were started in 2015.

  • Kader Factory for Developed Industries has an integrated, full business solution system managed by trained qualified engineers and technicians up to quality international practice. 

  • Fire trucks (of all models).

  • Railway interiors and metros preparations; as well as various vehicles models’ outfits.

Kader Factory has well-qualified engineers and technicians in manifold domains, especially metal forming and vehicles outfittings


phone : (00202) 24024423

fax : (00202) 22608718

email : chairman_kader@aoi.org.eg