Was established in 1960 with objective of designing, upgrading and producing repairing Aircraft Engines and Their accessories. In 1975, It became an affiliate of AOI and has kept abreast of technological developments in the field of Aero-Engines.

  • The Engines Factory was operated in 1960 to design and produce aircrafts jet engines (Cairo 200 and Cairo 300 models) in partnership with German technical support, whereby 196 E200 engines, and 8 E300 engines were produced

  • In 1975 the Engines Factory joined the Arab Organization for Industrialization (A.O.I) together with four other factories (Aircrafts Factory – Engines Factory – Sakr Factory – Kader Factory)

On 1/1/2019 Engine Factory was merged with the Arab British Engines Company (ABECO) and many manufacturing capabilities were supplemented to the factory. Examples are overhaul / repair lines for helicopter engines and AGT-1500 engines.

  • Adding new overhaul lines to serve new model Air Force aircrafts.

  • New water technologies.

  • Localizing manufacturing.

  • Improving technical staff competences in designing and implementing large-scale stations.

  • The Engine Factory is unique in having overhaul / repair lines for some engines that are not available except in mother companies.

  • The Engines factory added local manufacturing capabilities to sewage pumps (Open Impeller Pumps (SP, WP) for waste and sewage water Cleopatra), with capacities ranging between 100 up to 500 liters / second and height up to 60 meters.

  • The Factory also produced submersible pump (Cleopatra) at a capacity of 45 KW.

  • Specialist engine assembly technician

  • Engine overhauling mechanical technician

  • Specialist engine power technician

  • Overhauling and programming technician

  • Balancing technician

  • Vibrations, experiments and researches technician


phone : (00202) 27101000

fax : (00202) 27101236

email : chairman.engine@aoi.org.eg

address : Helwan El Qebleya, Helwan, Cairo Governorate