Established in 1979 to work in the field of advanced electronics and communications industry, including systems for aircraft and missiles produced by the Authority's factories.

The factory has gained many experiences through joint work with international companies in various fields

The Electronics Factory was established in 1979 as a nucleus for the manufacturing of advanced electronic equipment of all kinds

  • Establishing surveillance cameras production line in partnership with the American Honeywell

  • Automatic potting of Street light drivers production line

  • LED Lighting test lab

  • 1993 marked the procurement of the traditional components, first radial and axial first automated production line

  • 1996 marked the acquisition of the first SMT components automatic production line (10000 component/hour)

  • 1999 marked the construction of the electronic VLSI design center

  • 2006 marked the start up of the manufacturing of LCD TVs

  • 2014 marked the addition of the LED lighting activity to factory’s activities

  • 2015 marked the start of the SMT production line with a capacity 60,000 component/Hour

  • 2017 marked the start of SMT production line with capacity 90,000 component/Hour

  • 2020 was the year for the start of local manufacturing of IP camera systems

  • Street lights with a capacity of 1 million per year (total production is about 3 million to date)

  • LED lamps for export with a capacity of 6 million per year

  • TV sets with a capacity of 100,000 per year

  • Electrometers with capacity 250,000 meters a year

  • Electronic Card Repair center


  • Engineers=55

  • PhD holders, engineers=3

  • Master’s degree holders, engineers=3

  • Diploma holders, engineers=15


phone : (00202) 22691034

fax : (00202) 22692481

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